What is "Google My Business"

09 April, 2017 / Published in SEO
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Google My Business is a free Google product that makes it easy for businesses to manage their online presence.  We strongly recommend you register for this service as your business to take advantage of being able to manage the information that Google knows about your business.

Previously, this was managed through different services like Google+, Google Search and Google Maps, however this new service brings all these tools under one banner which makes it so much easier to update

In Google My Business, you will be able to manage your Google Reviews, view Google Insights and monitor your Google Analytics.  Once you start to look into these things, you'll quickly understand why it is so important to keep your website up to date because you will begin to see how people are interacting with your website, and get ideas about what you can be changing to keep people on the site and direct them to contact you about your products and services.

Keeping all this information up to date through all the different Google channels used to be complicated, and while Google My Business isn't perfect, it is a relatively painless process to set up - and we are always more than happy to provide you with free assistance.

Google My Business is far from a website replacement, but it certainly does compliment your existing online presence, and it is one thing we strongly recommend all our customers implement.