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06 January, 2017 / Published in eBooks
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Digital publishing has really grown over the last few years, with almost every publisher now offering their titles as digital download - either through the Kindle Online Store or the iBookstore for Apple.   Yes, there are more places than you can poke a stick at when looking for digital publications, but these two are the giants in the field.

Unlike traditional publishing, choosing to publish digitally is cheap.  In fact, it doesn't cost you a cent to list your title on either of these stores - you simply pay a royalty back to the store each time your title is purchased.  And - if you offer your title for free, you don't need to pay a thing!

We have produced 100's of eBook titles through the iBookstore over the last few years, and we are often asked about the different types of publishing available, so I wanted to help you understand the different options.

Traditional Linear Layout Books

This is traditionally what we think of when we think of eBooks.   A linear column of text (akin to a webpage) with chapters and images inset within the column, but traditionally, it doesn't feature much in the term of layout and design.  The upshot of this limitation is that most eReaders will allow you to reformat the text into a font you prefer, and also adjust the font size - which for those that prefer larger text - is a godsend.

Fixed Layout Books

These are perfect for the more design based style of book - you know, the artsy ones found in the back of bookstores with the hard covers and large glossy pictures.  This format of eBook will look exactly as the printed version, and can provide additional functionality like being able to zoom the images to fill the screen.

iBooks Author

The newest type of eBook publishing which is currently only available on the iBookstore platform.  This type of eBook is more like an App than an eBook, with the capacity to include image galleries you can flick through, fullscreen video, Polls and Q&A sections.  This is by far the most engaging type of format available, and all books can be custom designed.


If you are in the market for an eBook to be published, let us know and we can help you determine the right format for your audience, and provide the development services to get your eBook on the bookstores.

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