A Little More Wine Bottle Photography

19 August, 2017 / Published in Photography
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We love spending the afternoon behind the camera creating images for businesses.

Last week, we had a phonecall from Barbara at Gisborne Peak Winery in the Macedon Ranges relating to organising new wine photos for their website.  The brief was to create 8 new images of their new vintages and create options for shadows, reflections and also provide vintage removal on the bottles.

The setup is quite straightforward - we use white glass to photograph the bottles on, which gives us a beautiful and natural reflection  for the bottle, and we light the bottle with 3 strobes with large softboxes - which provides a large soft light that wraps around the bottle.

With a little photoshop trickery, we then enhance the label with some brightness and remove any dust that has fallen on the bottle between cleaning and shooting.

A shoot of this nature is extremely affordable, with a stadard shoot costing jsut $50 + GST per bottle.   We also offer discounts on bookings of more than 10 bottles.

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