The future of Online Payments

06 January, 2017 / Published in eCommerce
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We all knew that online payments would change the way business is done, but it seems that we are constantly surprised by the speed this revolution in eCommerce has gained momentum. Online Shopping is a multi billion dollar industry here in Melbourne Australia, with more and more people opting to do their research and shopping from the comfort of their home - on SmartPhones and Tablets.

We all know the online checkout process too well when it comes to online shopping...

  1. Add items to the cart
  2. Review the cart
  3. Go to the checkout
  4. Create an account
  5. Enter your CC details
  6. Get an emailed receipt

The process is clunky, but it works, and it is the way millions of websites handle their online payments. Until Now. What if we could streamline the checkout process was like this and make it even more secure?

Now you can pay for items using ApplePay on the web.  We have partnered with payment processor STRIPE to be able to integrate both traditional payment options at very reasonable rates, and when we detect your visitor is using an ApplePay enabled device, we will simply show a OneClick ApplePay button to allow your customers to buy your products in one simple click.

This makes shopping on your website as frictionless as possible, and it doesn't even need the buyer to enter their postal details at all - the details are automatically provided through the ApplePay process, and the whole checkout takes about 5 seconds.  

Processing payments in this manner is extemely secure - we do not transmit the buyer's Credit Card number over the web - which is what traditional payment options require.  Instead, the bank issues a single-use "Token" that represents the credit card, so even if the number is intercepted, it could never be used a 2nd time.   The process is also secured by the buyer's thumbprint on their iPhone, or by the unlocked Apple Watch.