The Carbine Club

19 June, 2017 / Published in Web Development
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We are excited to announce the launch of a new club website model we have produced for The Carbine Club.

The Carbine Club started here in Melbourne in 1961 as a luncheon club for sportsminded folk, and is currently still in operation with 14 subsidary clubs operating across all states in Australia, and overseas in Great Britain, Papua New Guinea, Hong Kong, and more.

The model we have developed is targetted toward members only,  and offers the capacity for clubs to post global and local news items, upload galleries of photos and to register for events that the club holds on a regular basis.

The event booking system allows members to either prepay with credit card facilities, or to request an invoice and pay by Cheque or Bank Transfer.  The capacity to purchase with these payment methods through an online store is something that makes the the process for members to book tickets extremely appealing.   

Once tickets are booked, the system allows members to register any guest names that will be attending the event so organisers can prepare all the required custom placecards for the event as simply as downloading an Excel worksheet.

With each member having their own logins, and linking the system up with mailchimp for easy communication via the website, the members will be able to stay informed about the club simply and easily.