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Vanilla Rose

Bespoke eCommerce website for a maker of bespoke cakes and floral arrangements for all occasions.

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  • Beautiful Custom Designed Website
  • Advanced Customisation Options
  • Fast and efficient checkout capacities
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Case Study

The creation of Vanilla Rose - Couture Cakery and Florist, was a dream for local Bacchus Marsh cake maker, Carlie Taylor.  The company started in Carlie's home studio many years ago under the name "CJ's Sweet Treats" which grew (and grew, and grew) to the stage where she simply wasn't able to maintain the volume of work from her home location.  

In 2017, the business expanded, and moved into a storefront on Grant Street.  It was at this stage that the company diversified and incorporated floristry into the business, which was the perfect time to rebrand as Vanilla Rose.  This enormous transformation was undertaken to enable the business to provide a full service offering to brides and grooms who are looking for a one-stop wedding cakes and flower solution.

For us, the challenge was to create a bespoke website that fulfilled Carlie's needs for both the cakery side of her business, and the floristry side.

The digital landscape for floristry websites is extremely competitive - with just a handful of large corporate businesses "buying" online Google Advertising for almost every conceived keyword combination for location based florist searches.  Nine times out of ten, a search for a location and the keyword "Florist" or "Flowers" will result in the top few search results being from these large corporate businesses - and online shoppers can be thinking that they are buying from a local supplier - but they are not.

Our brief from Carlie was to "beat" these corporates by creating a website that not only ranks well organically, but also extends the excellent service that Carlie and her team offer in store, by making sure the shopping experience is second to none.

Anyone who visits the website will see the artistry of Carlie's cakes in the images presented on the site.  We spent a day photographing each of the cakes and bouquets - which was one of the (many) highlights from working on this project, and once we were done we were lucky enough to enjoy a slice (or two, or three).  We can certainly attest to the suggestion that these cakes DO taste as delicious as they look!

The website does appear quite simplistic, however there is quite a lot happening in the backend of the site.  We developed the capacity to automatically calculate the cake prices in real time based on the many customisation options offered by Vanilla Rose, and have provided realtime integration to 3rd party services like Instagram.

We chose Shopify to be the eCommerce platform for the website, as this offers the best capacity for the team at Vanilla Rose to maintain the website and product offering without any need to come back to us as developers - this ensures that Vanilla Rose is free from ongoing development charges to make simple changes to her site - which is an approach we maintain across all website development we perform.

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