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Rathbone Wine Group

Rathbone Wine Group have commissioned us to produce images of their Wine Bottles using a consistent style of lighting and exposure across their brands.

Services Provided

  • Hero bottle images
  • Box and packaging images
  • Etching and colour correction

Case Study

In some cases, the pictures can be as important, if not more important, than the words that appear on a website page. Such is the case with the Rathbone Wine Group, who have commissioned us to produce images of their wine bottles using a consistent style of lighting and exposure across their brands.

Through those brands — Yering, Xanadu, Mount Langi Ghiran and Yarrabank — the Rathbone Wine Group is committed to producing wines of the finest quality, and we have matched that commitment through the delivery of bottle photography of equal quality.

The Rathbone Wine Group began commissioning our bottle photography services — a specialised art in and of itself — in 2017, seeking photos that are taken using multiple styles. Programmable Soda's expertise has delivered these, but of course, in the wine industry, the bottle itself that is almost as big a star as the fine wine contained within, and our most popular image style is the hero standalone bottle shot which we etch onto a white background.

Our photos are suitable for many purposes — as standard images on the related websites, on pull-up banners, and even as promotional posters at the cellar door. These options and more are available because our photos are taken with a very high resolution camera, producing vibrant, eye-catching images that exceed 5500 pixels.

Programmable Soda also provides 'Vintage Removal' services (allowing us to substitute one year for another when a new vintage of a popular wine is released), and all images are provided on both a white background and a transparent background.

We look forward providing the Rathbone Wine Group with high-quality images across all types of media for many years to come.

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