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My Bookshop

We created the My Bookshop website in 2011 which currently manages an inventory of over 23,000 book titles. Keeping the inventory in sync is a breeze with the custom middleware we developed.

Services Provided

  • Data Store for 23,000 unique titles
  • Best practice Shopify eCommerce store
  • Weekly EDM email campaigns
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Case Study

Created in 2011, is an eCommerce website we developed for My Bookshop, a prominent independent bookstore owned and operated by sports writer Corrie Perkin.

Managing an inventory of 23,000 titles may sound like the stuff of logistical nightmares, but the custom middleware we developed for My Bookshop makes it a breeze to keep every single one of those 23,000 items in sync.

Built around the Shopify platform, our software takes a live feed of the inventory from Corrie's Point-Of-Sales System, and automatically translates the data into the website database which, in turn, provides an easy and secure purchase point for My Bookshop’s website visitors.

My Bookshop's site is further enhanced by book covers and book descriptions obtained via third party integration with Thorpe Bowker, making it simple for Corrie's customers to track down the title they've been looking for — even ones that have previously proved to be hard to find.

As a further customer service initiative, we provide the capacity for Corrie to create beautiful and professional email newsletters to be sent out to the “Friends of My Bookshop” with ease.

Our business is currently a registered Shopify Partner and, as we continue to enhance the services we provide to My Bookshop, we are working toward becoming registered Shopify Experts.

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