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Evans and Partners

We provide clients of Evans & Partners with a secure platform to access to their Portfolio Valuations along with a suite of research and reporting tools.

Services Provided

  • Best Practice IT & Web Security Services
  • 3rd Party integration with Algo, Listcorp & ASX for Live Stock Pricing
  • Corporate Level Website Hosting and Support
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Case Study

Founded by executive chairman David Evans, Evans and Partners is a person-to-person, highly-attentive stock-broking service for all Australians that has strongly benefited from an online presence since we launched their website in 2008.

In the world of finance, absolute protection of a client's data and personal details is essential. Programmable Soda provides clients with a secure platform to access to their Portfolio Valuations, giving them complete peace of mind.

But our services to Evans and Partners extend far beyond security. With a comprehensive suite of research and reporting tools, we provide clients with real-time access to their portfolio information — think of internet banking, but for stock accounts.

On top of that, we have delivered a repository for Evans and Partners' client research documentation, with sophisticated search capabilities which allow clients to find detailed technical information with ease.

In 2016, we migrated Evans and Partners' website from our own custom CMS to the Drupal Content Management System, which has allowed us to deliver a website that incorporates the very latest technology and features, ensuring that Evans and Partners remain at the forefront of their industry.

Evans and Partners' clients also receive the latest industry information through email campaigns that capture details of specialised research on a daily basis, and deliver the findings of that research through easily digestible newsletters.

In addition, our platform provides for a no-fuss deployment of the website's daily video feature, The Morning Mail, often delivered by David Evans himself.

We are proud to have delivered Evans and Partners a website platform that gives their clients a head start when it comes to making wise investment choices.

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