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What is Facebook Pixel?

How many times have you been browsing the web, or searching for a product to by, only to find that a few days later you are being presented ads about the exact product you have been searching for?

It is undeniable that ads like these, that present items that you have already been looking at, are very effective.

The Right Logo Formats
The use of Social Media for businesses is growing in popularity at an unbelievable rate, especially for Small Businesses who are more likely to choose to post regular updates about their products and services through the use of branded photography.  What we are finding is that a lot of businesses are incorrectly using the wrong image formats when applying their logo to images.
Publishing an eBook

Digital publishing has really grown over the last few years, with almost every publisher now offering their titles as digital download - either through the Kindle Online Store or the iBookstore for Apple.   Yes, there are more places than you can poke a stick at when looking for digital publications, but these two are the giants in the field.

Your site SEO performance report

We never want to see businesses waste money on their online strategies, and is it disappointing to hear when a company has spent good money on a website that simply isn't performing for them.

This is why we now provide free no obligation SEO Checkup for anyone who wants to give their website a once over.  Our free report outlines what is performing well on the site, and what needs improvement - all from an SEO perspective.  We will provide advice on anything the site is missing which you can take back to your developer for rectification.

The future of Online Payments

We all knew that online payments would change the way business is done, but it seems that we are constantly surprised by the speed this revolution in eCommerce has gained momentum. Online Shopping is a multi billion dollar industry here in Melbourne Australia, with more and more people opting to do their research and shopping from the comfort of their home - on SmartPhones and Tablets.

We all know the online checkout process too well when it comes to online shopping...

What is "Google My Business"

Google My Business is a free Google product that makes it easy for businesses to manage their online presence.  We strongly recommend you register for this service as your business to take advantage of being able to manage the information that Google knows about your business.

Previously, this was managed through different services like Google+, Google Search and Google Maps, however this new service brings all these tools under one banner which makes it so much easier to update